SolidComp Reality Twin™

3D data that have been forgotten in a drawer or deep within folder structures are costly. Reality Twin™ puts your production facility's 3D scanning data, 3D designs, and 360-photos to work.

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Laborious information retrieval causes significant extra costs for the industry.

Utilizing artificial intelligence, Reality Twin™ aligns asset and real-time information with your production facility's visual 3D model, making the information you are looking for just a click away.

Single source of truth.

Once you implement Reality Twin™, all decisions regarding your production facility will be based on up-to-date, understandable, and easily communicable situational overview.

We offer the market's most accurate and visually detailed 3D scanning based on the latest technology. That's why the scanning data we produce is as versatile as possible.

Reality Twin™ is an always up-to-date and true-to-life 3D model of your production facility. Intelligently categorized machine and equipment locations are linked to their asset information. The user interface and tools are customized according to needs.

3D Designs | Scanning Data | ERP | Document Management | IoT Data
PC | Mobile | XR | Operation And Maintenance | Planning | Safety And Training

Unlimited users

All data available in one interface for all members of your team or your project's stakeholders. You don't need multiple applications to manage information. The entire factory, one software, one supplier.

Quick delivery

Creating a digital twin of an entire production facility might sound like a project spanning years, but we can deliver it to you in as little as two weeks.

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How you save with SolidComp Reality Twin™

Minimize unexpected expenses, reduce downtimes, cut travel costs and avoid unnecessary visits to the factory area, save on energy costs, enhance operations, and identify hazards and risks in a timely manner.

SolidComp Scan – KOTKAMILLS

"We are satisfied with SolidComp’s all-encompassing services. When accurate and visual 3D scanning is combined with a carefully built factory coordinate system, the data is long-lasting and fits many needs. We recommend SolidComp to others as well."

Risto Mikkola | Project Engineer | KOTKAMILLS

SolidComp Reality Twin™ – YARA

"Reality Twin™ almost entirely covers our concentration plant. It facilitates communication both internally and with our stakeholders. The accurate and visual 3D model benefits field operations planning, for instance, in locating malfunctions and planning installations."

Anssi Pietarinen | Maintenance Manager | YARA

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