Laser Scanning

With Laser scanning  indoor and outdoor spaces can be captured  accurately and cost-effectively into 3D models.

We are able to make a very visual photo-like laser scanning without compromising the accuracy. The picture above is from an actual 3D-model of the plant piping.

We get even large spaces scanned effectively. Our largest interior space was over 30 hectares large paper machine hall.


Laser scanning is a superior method of measurement!

We have a Faro and Leica measuring instruments.

  • Laser scanner measures accurately about one million points per second, so even large areas can be rapidly scanned.
  • From point cloud , we can create a colored mesh model to get photo-like 3D-model
  • Laser scanning is used ensure the correct initial information for the designand to avoid extra costs and visits construction site.
  • Laser scanning is a safe way to measure even the most demanding sites.
  • All  of our material available on virtual reality (VR)

Scanned 3D-model of factory equipment